Supporters and Testimonials

Heart and Hand (1896, Littleton View, U.S. Library of Congress, public domain).

Heart and Hand (1896, Littleton View, U.S. Library of Congress, public domain).

No research initiative is ever possible without the financial and volunteer assistance of family, friends, fellow researchers, grantors, and other supporters – particularly a research endeavor as large as the one behind 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers: One Civil War Regiment’s Story.

The following is a partial list of the many individuals and organizations helping to shine a brighter light on the largely forgotten accomplishments of the 47th Pennsylvanians who fought so valiantly to preserve America’s Union. The progress made to date with this important initiative would not have been possible without their kindness and generosity.



Financial Support

Thomas MacEntee and High-Definition Genealogy (also known as “The Genealogy Fairy™)

The Burrowes Family

The Snyder Family

The Wasserman Family


Volunteer Researchers and Photographers

English, Peggy
Fletcher, Randy
Hockenberry, Wendy S.
Jackson, Allen D.
Keefer, Barry
Makely, Paul
Mann, Joseph
Morgan, Rory
Nederostek, Christian
Nouzovsky, Deborah
Otto, Kim
Padgett, Natalie
Snyder Family Archives



Following are examples of the kudos and other testimonials received by 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers: One Civil War Regiment’s Story:

Brandi wrote:

On behalf of my family, this is a wealth of information we never expected to find out! I will be sure to look into the other sources you recommended. Thank you for all of your help!

Bruce wrote:

I had a little time this morning and looked thru parts of your website, very nice, I am happy to see this type of research being done. There are way too may websites that don’t do the research properly, don’t dig deep enough or don’t cite their work.

Diana wrote:

Thanks for putting together your Resource Links page. I was happy to come across it after doing some research on the history of Pennsylvania.

Jessie wrote:

Thank you for your TREMENDOUS work … the detail that you’ve been able to find on these men is just incredible!

Keith wrote:

Thank you for sharing an excellent post. My African heritage ancestors were active in both the North and South during and immediately after the Civil War seeking the best path for citizen enfranchisement of all African Americans.

Kerry wrote:

Great article [about Catasauqua’s Fuller family]. Always like learning something new. Wish the young would read this and learn why we need to keep America strong.

Melissa wrote:

The 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers have some AWESOME CW articles… Keep ‘em coming!

Ron wrote:

I am his great great grandson! [William AlfredMcKee] I am amazed that I found this! Thank you!

Rory wrote:

You are doing such a careful and thorough job with your research on the 47th and I am pleased to assist whenever I can.

Sarah wrote:

Thank you so much for this! I just found out yesterday that Bernard Brahler is my great great grandfather! We never knew we had a soldier in the family! We may even have a picture of him. For years we wondered who this Union soldier was in our old family album full of nameless faced.

Susan wrote:

Wow, you just uncovered a relative of mine! [George Dillwyn John, a son of Pennsylvania abolitionist, Elida John]

You just never know where a clue might come from. He seems to be the g-grandson of my 6th great grandfather, Griffith John. Thanks.

Victor wrote:

Your veterans’ summary information was excellent and I’m sure will impress anyone who is looking up their ancestor.